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by bralston7
Feb 10, 2010
7:12 PM

Being evaluated

The attached code enables "Add as Link" functionality for projects. I do not take credit for this code. 99% of this code is taken from the Wix Votive source, build 3.0.5419.


by LaurieH
Oct 8, 2008
5:32 PM

Being evaluated

In the document "Projects Tutorial 1.docx", some key steps are missing from the section "Creating a Basic Project Template". The document outlines 8 steps. I performed these 8 steps but did not get the results described ("In Solution Explorer, the expanded Templates folder should appear as follows..."). I was supposed to have an AssemblyInfo.cs and SimpleProject.myproj files but steps 1-8 did not describe what should be in those files. I found a similar document at, which included additional steps 9-14 for this section. After completing those steps 9-14, I had the results described in the Projects Tutorial 1 text. I concluded that steps 9-14 had been inadvertently deleted. I have copied the missing steps from the document at that link and pasted and formatted them into the Projects Tutorial 1.docx, which I am submitting in this patch.


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